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Veterinary Care for Cats and Dogs in Montreal


Hôpital Vétérinaire Général has the well-being and health of your pet at heart. Whether you book an appointment for a regular check-up, a dermatological issue or an eye problem, our team is there to provide quality veterinary care at our clinic in Montreal.

Brushing a dog's teeth


In an added effort to provide your pet with quality care, we offer pet dental services in our veterinary office in Montreal. It is estimated that 80% of pets exhibit the beginning stages of periodontal disease by age 3, which is why dental exams and teeth cleanings are essential. Also, studies indicate that pets with good oral hygiene tend to live 2 to 4 years longer than pets who neglect dental care. While periodontal disease is entirely preventable, when left untreated it can lead to heart disease, kidney infection, liver infection, or stroke.


Most pet owners are unaware that scratching, licking, biting, and chewing are tell-tale signs of an underlying skin problem. While there are over 150 different skin diseases that can affect pets, managing skin problems is possible. 

Skin disease or irritation can cause distress. To relieve that suffering, we offer dermatological testing and treatment for animals that can help your pet live comfortably. In trying to diagnose and treat skin disorders, your role as a pet owner is essential. Discovering what causes flare-ups and irritation will primarily be your job. Pay attention to your pet's reaction after eating, playing outside, and interacting with other animals. During your appointment, our veterinarian will discuss your observations to determine a series of laboratory tests that will help diagnose or treat your pet's skin issues.

Dog examination
Dog eye drops


Our ophthalmology treatments focus on eye care and ocular disease prevention. Our annual pet vision exams evaluate current eye health, measuring tear production, eye pressure, and potential corneal scratches. If more serious animal eye issues are detected, such as glaucoma, cataracts, early vision loss, or dry eye problems, they will be addressed and treatment will be planned. During treatment planning, all options and recommendations will be thoroughly discussed so we can build an effective and comfortable vision procedure for you and your pet.



In an effort to provide your pet with superior medical care, we offer diagnostic imaging services to supplement prognosis. Medical imaging employs the use of machinery to give photographic representation of abnormalities or injuries. In performing diagnostic imaging, our veterinarians can provide safe, accurate diagnosis and promptly treat the problem.

Dog x-ray
Dog heart stethoscope


Our veterinary clinic is dedicated to providing pets with compassionate care. In offering cardiology services, we can better evaluate and treat heart and lung diseases, working towards improving quality of life. Our annual pet health exams enable our staff to detect early indicators of heart disease that could potentially save your pet's life. Just one more reason why an annual check-up is important for your pet's well-being.



We understand that having a pet diagnosed with cancer can be emotionally draining and difficult to process. Our veterinary oncologist is able to help our pet cancer patients and their owners understand their diagnosis better and choose a treatment plan that best works for them. Whether you opt for chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we will discuss all benefits and potential side effects associated with each treatment. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information, provide answers to all of your treatment questions, and help guide you through the decision making process.

Adorable puppy


Losing a pet is a delicate situation, and we understand the difficulty in having to make that final decision. Our dedicated veterinarians are skilled in assessing pain management and do not recommend euthanasia casually. We also make sure that the process of putting your pet to sleep is carried out in a humane manner.

When being euthanized, pet owners are welcome to be in the room as their pet passes, and if they prefer, a pet can be sedated prior to administering euthanasia. The final injection is a chemical that mimics an overdose of anesthesia, allowing your pet to fall into an eternal sleep. As it enters the bloodstream, the chemical targets the brain and heart, first preventing nerves from sensing pain, then gradually stopping the heart from beating.

While the decision to euthanize a pet is heart-wrenching, it is important for a pet owner to consider the pet's suffering before their own. In circumstances where putting your pet to sleep offers them relief from physical anguish, ending misery can be the best decision you can make for your pet.


Full Range of Veterinary Services

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