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Take a look at what some of our previous guests have said and contact us for inquiries.

This place is amazing! The staff is friendly and the doctors are qualified. When I brought my dog here, not only I had the medical attention he needed but also some tips to help with his training. They go above and beyond to make sure that your pet is in the best shape possible physically and mentally. You can be sure that your pet is in good hands here!”

Luisa G.

I have been bringing my cat Wilson here for 5 years. In all this time, I have never been disappointed and can confidently say that Dr. Banon and Dr. Desjardins are both passionate about the health of their patients. They take the time to answer any questions I might have (I have many) and if, for whatever reason, they need to rush to another appointment, their veterinary technicians are equally as wonderful and attentive. I recently had to bring Wilson in for dental scaling. He unfortunately is prone to dental issues, so he required the surgery. I walked away paying a bill that is relative to a surgery. I was also recommended tests for my cat’s safety – which I agreed to as a precaution. At the end of the day, I am seeing comments about this clinic being money-driven – this has never been my experience here. Pet ownership requires a range of responsibilities, one of them being a monetary responsibility that can add up over time. It upsets me to read these negative reviews about this clinic, because I truly trust them wholeheartedly with the health and well-being of my pet.”

Carolina N-G.

The people who said this vet cares only for money are delusional. This vet does the best he can and often goes above and beyond and follows the same pricing as all vets in Quebec. People who are angry to spend money on the care and health of their pets need to not have pets in the first place. Pets and money should never be mentioned together!! This vet is terrific.”

Dane M.

Reception and Admin are very sweet, polite and smart. The Techs are so helpful and hard-working. Dr. Banon and Dr. Desjardins are both amazing. 5 stars! Anyone who cares about their animals will see that this clinic is the right one to choose.”

Matt K.

I always get good service here. Good attention to detail and a positive place.”

Jessica M.

Django did not like the vaccines, but that is to be expected!!!!!! However we think everyone in this facility is sweet and kind. Thank you Vet MB!!!”

Mitsi M.

Dr Banon is amazing!

We have been going for as long as I can remember. We've taken our dog, and 7 cats, over the years and they always got the best of the best care. Sugar was once being eaten by maggots, the vet and vet tech worked so hard shaving her, disinfecting her, removing every maggot caring for her, and investigating what could have caused it in such a short time. She lived another 7 years, to the grand old age of 19. When Grant, a 3 month old kitten, stopped eating after he was adopted, the vets tried everything, and told me: “Do not worry, we are not going to let this kitten die, you've had a hard year with animals already!” The vet remembered that Leo of 14 years died of a genetic condition, and Sugar 19 died of old age in the 6 months prior. They are really very sweet and loving toward animals. It’s clean and safe, and they know their stuff!”

Chelsea P.

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